The Final Solution
Using today's technology if I could go back and fix Rome's overpopulation problem I would go to the emperor and say:

"I think we all know that this city, Rome, has a lot of issues with the population. I think it is fair to say that Rome needs a solution and I have come here to present you one.The Roman plebeians and other citizens are suffering from overpopulation and there is a need for change. Most of the citizens in this city are living in cramped apartment rooms in filthy neighborhoods with crime committed almost everyday. Diseases are spreading like fire and people in this city are dying every few minutes from malaria, fevers, and other diseases from food. There isn't enough food for everyone and not many people can afford to buy it. My solution to overpopulation will help most of these problems and the people living in this city will be at peace.

My idea is to set a population law here in Rome that you can only have two children or less or else you will be taxed 2% more of your income for every extra child. This means that people will be less likely to have more than two children and it could potentially reduce the population. For people who are unemployed and don't get income they would be taxed 2% more of their regular taxes. If people follow this law then the population would decrease and there would be less problems in Rome. If people choose not follow the law by having more than two children then they would just be giving up their money to the government.

Along with this solution I think that people should also learn about what the risks of overpopulation are. There could be a public educational program set up where young kids could go and learn about the dangers and solutions of overpopulation. They could learn about why there are people unemployed, why diseases are spreading so quickly, why they have to live in old apartments, and why the food source is limited. The kids would also learn how they can help solve overpopulation instead of just depending on other people to try and fix everything. In order for this to happen there will have to be educated teachers willing to come and teach kids about overpopulation. This next generation can continue teaching young kids about overpopulation. Hopefully overtime the population in Rome will start to decrease because people are starting to realize what in their life is really at risk.

I hope you consider my solutions and the potential benefits of them. I feel like overtime it will create a big difference and the population will be at a number that is easier to maintain. Thank you for your time."